Appliances that can help you live a life of luxury

Time is a precious thing, and there is never enough of it. Why spend your life doing tasks that do not help enrich your life? This is exactly the question that household appliance manufacturers have been asking themselves lately, and they have come up with a solution to this question. A new range of time-saving appliances have come on the market which enable you to think less about doing household chores and more about what you will be doing with all your spare time.

The Series 5 cookers from Neff are a great example of such appliances. They include 14 different cooking programmes, offering you different times and temperature suggestions for different recipes, meaning that rather than making sure your meal doesn’t burn, you can be spending your time more wisely. The range also includes pyrolytic cleaning, a setting which heats the oven up to over 500°C (932°F) killing all bacteria and dirt in the oven, and reducing it to an ash which can easily be swept away. This saves time previously spend with oven cleaner and a scrubber at the stove, and plenty of the effort also!

Another fantastic time-saving machine is the Siemens wm14s890gb. You simply place the clothes you want to clean in the drum, and the machine does the rest. Rather than having to remember each type of clothing’s wash, it automatically measures and dispenses the clothes detergent, works out the weight of the load and how dirty the clothes are, and then adjusts the wash programme and how much water to use in the wash.

Whilst thinking about what appliance you should purchase, make sure you take into consideration these new time-saving features on new appliances. Rather than being the drain that they once were, appliances are now truly becoming the helping hand that they once were designed to be.

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